develop daily habits to heal the nervous system

Tiny tools to reset your mind and body

For women who feel sick, stuck, and overwhelmed with burnout or autoimmune conditions.

Digitial Coaching

The Reset App

Simple. Supportive. Effective.​

You know you need some sort of health coaching, but where to start? Which is right for you? And why are there so many choices? When you’re deep in burnout, you’re not sure what will help, but very sure that looking through hundreds of choices isn’t it.

Your Daily® is tailor-made for you.

The Reset app creates a custom health program for you, then curates your feed to give you what you need, and nothing more. In the same way you take care of everything for everyone, let us support you.

  • Personalized coaching path to you and your needs.
  • Purposefully curated to reduce decision fatigue.
  • Anti-overload with only 1 lesson per day.
  • Connect to a real health coach for 1:1 coaching.

physical & Digital journaling

The Journal

Your New Daily Ritual.​

Struggle with journaling? We made a journal just for you. Part journal, part self-coaching, part inspiration, our journal is designed to help you create ritual while building a sustainable, healthy, holistic life.


Does your Personality Type affect your health?

Discover how your personality is directly tied to your digestion, stress handling, and decision making. By knowing your Personality Type, we’ll be able to recommend the right tools to make your health goals stick for good.


The Magic Combo for Maximum Healing

What happens when we combine trauma-conscious therapies, Integrative Nutrition, Polyvagal Theory, Gut-Brain-Axis healing, a dose of spirituality, and habit stacking into coaching lessons?


Read more about the healing principles we use to create your custom healing roadmap here.

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Simple. Supportive. Effective.


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Tailored Daily Coaching in your Pocket

Daily health coaching lessons, activities, encouragement, and quick de-stressing tools.


Create Your Own Daily Ritual

Part journal, part coach, part inspiration. Your Daily® Journal is designed for the modern woman who is looking for simplicity in creating ritual, and ease in healing.

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