your nervous system regulation coaching app

From Surviving to Thriving in Minutes a Day.

The Essential Toolbox for Regulating Your Nervous System.

“Like Masterclass + Duolingo for the Chronically Stressed.”

For people who are sick, stuck, overwhelmed, and have tried it all. Release years of stress and take control of your life with small daily habits.

We get it. You’ve tried it all:

Yet you’re still stuck in the stress cycle dealing with wacky hormones, stubborn belly fat, brain fog, wild mood swings, cold hands and feet, exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and more.
And worse, nothing changes, no matter how hard you try.

move out of flight, fight, freeze, or fawn

It’s Not You; It’s Your Nervous System.

You might be stuck in a survival stress state that’s keeping your mind and body in a vicious cycle.


Introducing Your Daily Nervous System Health Coach


Easy, focused design helps you find what you need quickly, without digging around.

Tailored to Your Mood

With recommendations based on your daily check-in, you’ll get what you need, not a lot of fluff.

Less than 7 Min a Day

Highly effective, science-backed tools to help you shift your mood and feel your best quickly.

Backed by Science

Built on validated research from renowned universities:

Trusted by Health Professionals

Therapists, Dietitians, Chiropractors, and Coaches

How it Works

1. Do a Daily Check-in

Learn to check in with your mind and body, and know your nervous system states.

2. Get tailored recommendations

What works for "fight" doesn’t work for "freeze." That’s why we give you personalized suggestions for your particular mood and nervous system state.

3. Go deeper with courses

Get to know the basics, then expand your knowledge for deeper healing and connection.

We Believe Change is Possible.

We know you want to feel confident and in control. You want to stop your negative, repetitive thoughts and live in a body that doesn’t feel like it’s broken. 

However, everything you’ve tried before has left you feeling discouraged and defeated.

The problem with traditional approaches is that theyre trying to convince the mind of change and rely on mindset and willpower—and they completely ignore the true driver of the body: the central nervous system. In order to make any change, your body needs to feel safe. 

Here at Your Daily, we want you to understand the language of your body. We use the latest science-backed tools to help create a stronger, more resilient you; which is why therapists, dietitians, chiropractors, and coaches worldwide trust us.

How We Create Lasting Change:

Change your nervous system state

Build small daily habits

Create trust and safety within yourself

Download the App

Stop the endless stress cycle and find peace and confidence.