You Can’t Heal a Body You Hate. You Can’t Shame Yourself into Wellness.

When you feel like your body is giving up on you, it can be hard to come around and show it some love.

But really, our bodies are always fighting for us—literally doing all they can to keep us alive! We can only heal in a state of safety, which is why our programs and tools are rooted in building trust with yourself through tools that help regulate the nervous system and retrain the brain so your body has space to heal itself.

Less is More.

Trying to do everything at once to heal yourself isn’t really very helpful. In fact, it’s that kind of approach that got you feeling so badly in the first place. At Your Daily™, we want you to create changes that last, and we firmly believe that the best way to do so is by creating small daily habits. It might go against your nature and feel like you’re not doing enough, but believe us when we say that this approach is tested, proven, and backed by science. And isn’t it easier to do a little at a time than everything all at once?

The Problem:


Focusing on too many directions at once.

This is diluting your efforts. Do one thing and do it well. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, then you can move forward.


No accountability or method of measurement.

What gets measured gets attention. If you’re relying on foggy memory, you can’t be sure what changes occur.


Kindness and Patience.

Please remember, it took years to break you; a couple of weeks may not be enough to bring you back. Give these tools and practices a chance to do their work.


Willpower is finite.

We only have so much mental and physical energy. This is why we need systems and the steps laid out.


We go slow to go fast.

We created Your Daily™ with all of this in mind to support building healthy rituals that become second nature.

Find your wellness type

Healing is bio-individual.

Everyone is bio-individual, which is why we believe in tailored plans according to your personality type and history. Discover your wellness type for more ease in creating better habits.