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Free Health Resources

Our tools are created to help you reconnect your mind and your body so you can begin the healing process. We do this with top-down and bottom-up resources.

Top-down resources help address mindset and belief systems, while bottom-up resources support you in creating a sense of well-being and feeling good in the present moment to overcome anxiety, depression, and overwhelm.

Here are a few of our favorite free resources to get started.

stress and emotions

If you’re a Type-A overachiever, perfectionist, or someone who identifies as a people pleaser, you’ve learned long ago how to shut down your own feelings and emotions in service of others. The tools below are designed to help you tap back into your own body awareness and sensations.

By becoming aware of your body’s sensations again, you’ll also be aware of the events, places, and people who make you uncomfortable — and also what lights you up.

28 Days of Wellness

Small habits to incorporate into your day. Challenge yourself to complete all 28 in a month.

Feelings Wheel

Reconnect mind and body by naming your emotions.

Wheel of Life

A tool to take stock of what’s going right and what needs attention.

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