Heal a Body You Hate

Change your life in 12 weeks with the RESET program

Say goodbye to symptoms and hello to a whole new, RESET you!

The RESET Program is a 12-week daily digital health coaching program that focuses on nervous system regulation, trauma resolution, and gut healing to provide a holistic approach to ending burnout and putting chronic illness into remission. 

All delivered in our custom built app so you can:




You Can’t Heal a Body You Hate.

Or shame yourself into feeling better.

Our RESET 5-step methodology provides you with science-based neuroscience,  polyvagal skills to get unstuck, and the protocols to heal yourself holistically and thrive long-term.

A body stuck in fight or flight can’t heal itself.


It feels like you’ve hit a wall—and not just any wall.

It’s the frustrating, demoralizing wall of chronic pain, fatigue, and endless gut issues that can’t be explained or solved. You’ve spent long hours researching the internet, reading every book, and listening to all the podcasts, but none of it seems to help.


You’re a constant mix of exhausted, anxious, angry, and numb.

You are the calm in the storm when big things are happening, yet you completely lose your cool over the small stuff. It feels like everyone is dumb and sabotaging your happiness. You’d love some help and not have to beg and plead for it. Why does it feel so hard?

Woman lying on bed covering her head with her hand, stressed out


You’re trying to use shame to heal yourself.

You hate what you see in the mirror, you ruminate on conversations for days, and feel embarrassed when you need something. You try and shame yourself into creating better habits and changing parts of you that you don’t like.

You’ve done everything right, and each attempt has failed. It’s aggravating, overwhelming, isolating, and easy to give up. 
But there is a way out, and you’re already on your way.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you will learn to:

You also get access to all the tools in Your Daily™ RESET App:

After a full mind-body reset, you can expect to experience:

Sounds great? That’s because it is.

Real transformation isn’t about reading theory but taking action.

Even though the benefits of regulating the nervous system are numerous (and life-changing), very few people know or understand these practices. We’ll show you how, step by step, one healing lesson at a time.

Is the Reset Program Right For Me?

The program is NOT for you if you:
This program IS FOR YOU if you:

Then you’ve arrived at the right place.

Don’t give up on yourself, your body, or your dreams.

Your life doesn’t have to be ruled by chronic symptoms.

You can exist joyfully in a world full of possibilities.

You can turn your body into an ally rather than a foe.

Start healing today with a first act of self-care.

“Watch your thoughts; they become your beliefs. Watch your beliefs;
they become your words. Watch your words; they become your actions. Watch your actions; they become your habits. Watch your habits; they become your character.

—Vince Lombardi